How to Update Wifi Wireless Driver in windows

Hello, friends, I am Ravi Thakur welcome back to my website Friends if you have a computer/laptop and you face any issue with a Wireless connection. Now you want a solution such as an issue of Wireless adopter. Then, don’t worry today I am sharing with you all details like How to update wifi wireless driver in windows 7, 8, and 10.

Update Wifi Wireless Driver in windows

If you use the internet via wifi then you would see, sometimes the error of network not found and no connection is shown. Mostly this error comes in your pc due to a lack of wifi drivers updates. If you are facing any such issue regarding a wifi connection. Then you can easily solve this problem by updating the Wireless software on your computer. Below I will describe the complete method for updating wifi drivers.

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How to Update Wifi Drivers in PC?

1. First of all, you have to go to a computer desktop, after this, you can see “This PC” or “My Computer” Icon on the desktop. You just right-click on this icon.

2. After that, A menu will open in front of you, Find “Manage Option” in the menu bar, and click on it.


3. As soon as, You click on “Manage Option“, Computer management will open in front of you.

4. After that, you will have to search the “Device Manager” option, and click on it.

5. Now, You will have to find the “Network Adapters” option. After that, you will see “Wireless Driver” Software which is installed on your pc.

6. Now, just right-click on the wireless software and the options will open in front of the user and you will get an “Updated Driver” option. After that, you can update your computer’s “Wifi Driver” by clicking on it. Below, as shown in the picture.


So, my dear friends, you can “Update Wifi Wireless Driver in Windows” in this method. I hope you understand the complete process still you have any issues related to this, then you can ask me by commenting. Thank you

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