What is Windows Firewall: Why Firewall is Important for Computers?

Are you want to know about Firewall like What is Windows firewall and Why Firewall is Important for Computers? then you come right place. Hello friends I am Ravi Thakur and welcome back to my website Filezonic.com. Friends today I will explain complete details about it.

What is Windows firewall

Friends, Have you ever imagined that if your Pc’s data is ever hacked or corrupted, then in this condition, what will you do? Probably you will not know. But today you will know about such a security system so that your data will remain safe and secure on a computer. The name of this security system is Windows Firewall.

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What is Windows firewall?

It is a computer Security System, which is designed to shield all varieties of computers and networks from Hacker and harmful system viruses. It is for the protection of the computer which stops Viruses from entering the computer.

If we are using the Internet and many dangerous websites try to put Virus in our system for stolen some important information, which it blocks and defends the system. In simple words, It is a type of Antivirus, which would have been installed on our computer.

Why It is Important for Computers?

1. It works as a security shield and provides protection in our computers. If a Harmful File or Virus comes from outside the computer, then the firewall stops it.

2. It has many useful features that make it necessary from a security point of view. It simply means that we require an antivirus to keep our system safer. So this was the reason why the Firewall is used.

What are the Features of the Firewall?

There are many Features because it completely protects our system, let’s know some main features.

1. It monitors all traffic entering your network. It does double duty, as Firewall also monitors the traffic going out of the network.

2. Without it, Hacker can quickly hack your system and can harm you by spreading Virus, Hacker stays out of your network due to this.

3. If your computer is connected to another system by Networking. You are sharing a file, then at that time Firewall will protect your computer from viruses coming from another computer.

4. It works as a Bandwidth Control, sometimes referred to give Shape to Traffic, which is the best point of the Firewall. We do not always have a Bandwidth Unlimited amount, which means that it is necessary to control the Bandwidth available with us. With the help of this, you can manage the Bandwidth available for Sites, Applications, and Users.

5. A Web Filter is defined as a program. It maintains the data packets that the computer sends. It can also be used to stop visitors from arriving at some sites.

What is its Limitation?

1. It cannot block users or attackers from entering or exiting internal networks with the Modem, thus completely bypassing the Firewall and its security.

2.  It is ineffective against Social Engineering like Nontechnical Security Risk.

3. It cannot block Internal Users from accessing Malicious Code Websites so that users can make education important.

4. The program cannot shield you when your security policy is too low.

So, my dear friends, it was the complete details about firewall (What is Windows firewall). Now you too will be ready to protect your computer through it. I hope, you understand all information still you have any questions related to this topic then you can ask me by commenting. If you like this post then please leave a comment and subscribe to my website and my youtube channel for latest pots updates. Thank you

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