How to Change Gmail/Google Account Password

Want to Change Gmail/Google Account Password, Hello Friends, I am Ravi Thakur, welcome back to my website Friends if you use a Google/Gmail account and want to change the password of your account then this post for you. Gmail is a popular social account, By this, you can share information, file, photos, etc with anyone. But sometimes it happens that we want to change the password of Google due to some reason and we do not know, How to do it So, today friends, I tell you that “How to Change Google Password” via mobile and computer.

Change Gmail/Google Account Password

Nowadays Gmail has become a very big network for sharing mail. Today Millions of people are using it from their mobile and Pc/laptop. A password is used to protect our account which we know as a Gmail/Google Password. If your password is weak and common then it is easily hacked by hackers and any person can misuse your google account. So if you want to protect your account, then you should make a strong Pass word for your google account.

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How to Change Gmail/Google Account Password?

It is a very easy process. You should keep doing it due to the security of your account. If you want to know better about it then follow these simple steps.

1. First of all, you will have to open the “Gmail Website“. Now you will have to log in to your account by entering your mail and old pass word. After that, you will have to go to the “Gmail homepage“.


2. You will see a “Setting Icon” at the top right side Of the homepage, click on it. After that, some options will show in front of you. You will have to find the “Settings” option and click on it.


3. After that, a new page will show and you will see many options. You will have to click on the fourth option “Accounts And Import“.

4. Now, too many options will appear in front of you. But you will have to click on the option of “Change Password“. After clicking, a new window will open. In which you will have to enter the old pass word of your Gmail and click on the “next button


5. After that, you get two options to change your password. In which there is a “New Password” option, Whatever new password you want to create, you have to enter it. After that, enter the same password in the Confirm New Pass word below. At last, click on the given below “Change Password” button.


A message will show on your computer/mobile screen that your Gmail password has been changed. So, my dear friends, you can “Change your Gmail/Google Account Password” like this. I hope you understand the whole process, still, you have any questions related to this topic. Then you can ask me by commenting. If you like this post then please follow my blog and you can also subscribe to my youtube channel for new updates and posts. Thank you


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