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it is world’s largest threat detection tool for your business.
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Aug 13, 2023
Various with device
Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11

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Hello, I am Ravi Thakur, welcome back to my official website Filezonic, If you want to download Avast business antivirus for Windows then you have come to the right website. Today I will share with you the Avast business antivirus review. You can avast business antivirus download for pc on my website with just one click with 100% safety. Below, I give some important highlights of this antivirus.

Avast Business, the world’s most extensive threat detection network offers you advanced antivirus protection for your business desires. With the help of unique virus detection algorithms, It detects and blocks threats quicker and more dependably, than the other program on the market.

Avast antivirus for pc performs lightning-fast analyses of unknown files within the Cloud, for a lightweight resolution, that won’t slow down your workers or your business. It includes 13 options dedicated to protecting your business from malware, ransomware, and spyware.

Highlights & Features

Powerful Antivirus

It can realtime scan files, URLs, and email attachments to protect your business from malware, spyware, and ransomware.

File Protection

Automatically, the software scans all files that are opening on their devices and ensures they are malware-free.

Web Protection

It Ensures separate website visited is reliable by checking the URL and website certificate before any risky connections are created to your network.

Email Protection

Open each email and download each attachment file with confidence. It checks each incoming and outgoing email to confirm they are completely malware-free.

Behavior Protection

Deeply-rooted malware will hide within your running system. The behavior protection feature monitors all of them for any suspicious activity.


Once an unrecognized file is downloaded onto your system, a replica is sent to the specialists at the Avast Threat Labs, so as to block it.

Smart Scan

SmartScan is an advanced feature that integrates antivirus, network security, and performance scans into one one-click fix.

Wi-Fi Protection

Realize and fix no matter what weaknesses may well put you in danger with our network scanning tool.


You can lock your business’ doors, therefore, do a similar for your network by using a strong, customizable Firewall that stops unwanted visitors in their tracks.


If you have got dangerous files and you want to run then you are able to run any file you wish, safely separated from the rest of the laptop.


This tool helps you to keep safe from dangerous phishing emails (and annoying spam) out of your and your employees’ inboxes.

Rescue Disk

Rescue Disk is an amazing feature of this software because it is a special drive. We can run an anti-malware scan before the OS boots up, uncovering implanted malware otherwise out of reach.

Overall, Avast offers excellent protection with 100% malware virus detection on your computer and with over 4,000 attacks every day. It’s only a matter of your time till your business becomes a target. It’s time to fight back with the most powerful Antivirus protection tool offered.


Below, I give important technical information about this antivirus.

⇒ Filename: Avast_Business_Antivirus_for_Windows

⇒ Version: Latest

⇒ Author: Avast

⇒ Author Url: https://www.avast.com

⇒ Type: Offline / Standalone

⇒ Category: Security & Privacy

⇒ File size: Various with device

⇒ Requirements: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11

⇒ RAM Requirements: 8 GB

⇒ Hard Disk Requirements: 16GB

⇒ Compatibility Architecture: 32/64-bit operating system

⇒ Languages: English and more language

License: Paid

⇒ Date added: Aug 13, 2023



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